But why study abroad?

I think that study abroad has been an important part of my college career and I recommend everyone who is wanting to do it to go for it. I first herd about UNH in Italy my freshman year during my nutrition 400 class. I always knew I wanted to go abroad but I felt like this program suited my individual needs. While planning my next four years of classes I made sure to keep some discovery courses or gen ed classes free so I could take them abroad.

Now that my trip is coming to an end it is bittersweet. These past 5 weeks have truly been an eye opening experience. I have learned a lot about myself and Italian culture. I was definitely put out of my comfort zone being in a country where the native language was different from my own and found that I was having to make hand gestures and point in order for people to understand what I was saying. However everyone that I have meet here has been very kind and helpful. I always felt like I was in a safe city while in Ascoli and learned it is okay to get lost, sometimes you find the most amazing things. Balancing school work, exploring Ascoli and traveling around Italy was definitely a challenge in the beginning but after a couple weeks I got the hang of it.

Study abroad is a great way to step out of the comfort zone of UNH, make new friends and really find yourself as a person. I would truly recommend a study abroad experience to any incoming freshman who is thinking about it. If you talk to a advisor they are very willing to work with you so you can get the experience you want.

avventura vi aspetta- adventure awaits!



One comment

  1. Jenny Kelley · July 30, 2015

    Great blog Kate!!! I can’t wait to see all of your photos and learn some new food tips from you.


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