A day on the farm

We went to the organic farm Recchi this week that was extremely passionate about tradition, culture and the sharing of food when it comes to the Mediterranean diet. A panel of people sat and spoke to us about their beliefs and practices when it comes living a healthy lifestyle and eating right. There was a farmer, journalist and individuals who worked on the farm. They are working to preserve ethical, local foods in small towns; taking out the middle man and getting the fresh food straight to the customer. They spoke about the importance of the Mediterranean diet and how healthy it is for people. They described the different parts of the diet as a temple rather than a pyramid. The roof was made of moderation held by the columns of cereals, legumes, fish, fruits and vegetables on the base of sustainability, affordability and food that is healthful for the fields. They stressed the importance of talking about food, lifestyle, eating together and social interaction because this has been lost in recent years. They raise pigs for meat locally, out of the chemical industry of highly processed foods. They took us to their butchery and showed us how they cut the pig to create sausage. I was unable to be a part of this demonstration because the slaughtering of the pig made me uncomfortable as a vegetarian. However, I thought this trip was important because these farmers are working to keep their food local and sustainable in order to provide people with the healthiest option.


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  1. Mark · July 26, 2015

    Kate – another great post. Beautiful photography. Mark


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