When in Rome

The first day we arrived in Rome we went to the colosseum, the forum and saw the wedding cake building. After walking around all day I was starving by the time dinner rolled around. We ate at a restaurant called La Carbonara, the walls were covered in hand writing from some of the customers that had visited in the past. We sat down and were served a pasta dish. I had to wait a bit longer for mine because the original had meat in it but, it was definitely worth the wait. After finishing the delicious cheesy spaghetti dish I thought, there is no way I could eat anything else; but I was wrong. Next they brought out a mushroom salad with arugula and large shreds of parmesan cheese, it was pretty good. I do not usually eat raw mushrooms so that was a new experience for me. The final course was my favorite Italian desert, tiramisu. It was served in bowls and had much more liquid than I was used to, almost like a cake in pudding covered with cocoa powder. As we sat and ate we talked about our past day and weekend travel plans, drinking about a bottle of water per person. Over all this was one of my favorite groups dinners we have had and it was definitely the best dinner I had in Rome.




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