Up the hill and around the corner

Since arriving and getting a chance to explore the city I have fallen in love with this place. Ascoli Piceno is a picture perfect medieval town made up of hilly streets and wonderful piazzas. My favorite thing to do is walk around the city and find new places I have not seen yet/get lost in the twisting streets. I have discovered my favorite gelato shop, the best place to get a cappuccino and of course, mozz balls. Though I have had a hard time communicating with the locals everyone here is so nice and welcoming, they really try to communicate with you and in the end we can usually figure it out.

We are here during their renaissance festival that celebrates the towns heritage. The first weekend we arrived they were holding a flag throwing competition where all the different zones of the towns competed against one another. Everyone in the stands sat with the zone clad in its colors. This display of hometown pride reminded me of football homecomings in America. Some of the other festivities they have include jousting and a parade all in Medieval costumes.

Whether Im sitting in Piazza del Popolo at night watching everyone walking around having fun or Im sitting in Arringo doing my homework I love living being out in the town. Even though there are some comforts from home that I miss, like peanut butter, I really love that I am able to feel safe here walking around at night and being involved with the festivities of Ascoli in the summer. For anyone who wants to study abroad or travel to Italy I would definitely put Ascoli Piceno on your list.

*Note this picture is not from my apartment


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