A night in

When I am living in the dorms at school my biggest complaint is how monotonous the food gets, however having to plan a meal for my friends and I was actually a huge challenge. For the most part I have been eating out in Italy because I have been trying new things and have been really enjoying the food culture here. So when it came to planning a meal we had a hard time deciding what to eat. Kelly and I decided we would pick up some food from the grocery store without a list in order to get some inspiration, bad idea. We went in there and just started taking things off the shelves. By the time we got home we had a bunch of food and nothing to make. Katie and Ashley came over to help bringing more food and no ideas. We finally decided on vegetables with rice and potatoes and got started cooking. It took some rearranging of burner positions and pots to figure out what needed to be cooked first but we ended up starting the rice and potatoes and then moved on to the vegetables. Even though we have a very small kitchen everyone pitched in cutting things up, even my roommate Kelsey helped us season the potatoes. It was definitely a group effort, and even with a the struggles in the beginning I think the meal turned out really well. As we sat down to eat and talk Kelly said that she actually really enjoyed having everyone here at the apartment, and I would have to agree with her. All in all I think this was a positive experience and I will definitely be eating in more often.

Ciao Bella!



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