Why Study Abroad?

Deciding to study abroad was not a difficult decision for me, I knew when I was in high school that I would study abroad in college. UNH has a unique opportunity that perfectly fit in with my schedule and pertained to my major. I am spending five weeks in Italy studying the Mediterranean diet and Italian culture. There is a lot of research that has been done with Mediterranean diet in terms of its health benefits when it comes to healthy eating patterns, lower risks of cardio vascular disease and maintaining a healthy weight. So far I have really enjoyed learning about the Mediterranean diet in classes and being surrounded by it when I go out to eat or even when I am shopping in the markets. Initially I was more drawn to the diet class, being a nutrition major I found the subject more interesting than Italian culture. However, after going to a few classes I really enjoy learning about old Greek and Roman architecture. Knowing how to identify what aspects of a building make it Greek or Roman has been really interesting, now when I walk through town I can pick out what columns are Ionic or Corinthian and why. Coming on this trip Im looking to gain a better understanding of Italian history, culture and their views towards food as opposed to Americans. I think the thing that will be the most challenging is my very limited knowledge of the Italian language. It is very hard to find people who speak English here so I have been trying to build my vocabulary but for the most part it’s a lot of gesturing.

Ciao for now!



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