The last supper

On the last night in Sicily we went to dinner as a group. The restaurant set up an outside table for all of us with really lovely place settings. We all sat down to eat and talk about the past week and what we were looking forward to in Ascoli. It was a much different experience from the first group dinner because we weren’t falling asleep in our food and now we knew everyone in the group so the conversation flowed easily through out the meal. I ordered a mixed salad as an appetizer, along with half the table. I realized that after spending a week in Sicily I really missed fresh, raw vegetables as most of the vegetables we ate were cooked. The salad consisted of iceberg and radicchio, it was pretty bland and not what I was expecting. For my main course I ordered pasta with traditional trapanese sauce which I really enjoyed; the sauce consisted of tomatoes, parsley, garlic and almonds. My roommate Emily ordered the pasta with squid ink, it came out and was black with whole prawns that looked like they had been in an oil spill. I thought she was really brave to try this dish because I would never be able to get past the color of the sauce or the prawns looking at me. The combination of the great food and good company made this meal my favorite food experience in Sicily. The biggest difference I have found between Italian and American dinners is the time it takes to eat them. Italian dinners take at least two hours to eat, because the dinner guests and conversation are just as important as the food itself. For you next meal I really suggest relaxing and taking it slow, experiencing the atmosphere, conversation and food as a whole.

Till next time,



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